Directly Current


Every assembly process has been digitalized that allows us to be able to precisely control every product quality.
Human error are no longer taken into consideration.
Every production process qualifies standard SOP

Using advanced motor winding machine
Halsey has a variety of motor specification. As a result, this motor winding machine adapts to all kinds of our needs and provide products according to our setting. With the help of this machine, we were able to improve motor’s performance and efficiency.

Usage of Anti-static pad for our semi-completed motor
Static often occurs during the winding process. This may result in damaging the outer layer of the wire thus leads to short circuit.
Because Halsey pays attention to every detail, we were able to deliver the best quality product.


Allternate Current


Using robotic arms for AC motor Assembly
Achieving consistent precision, consistent result.

Decreasing defective rates through strict and precise setting.
Halsey is the only ceiling fan manufacturer that uses robotic arms for assembly just because we want to deliver the best onto customer’s hand.

100% full inspection and nothing gets slip through.