Ceiling Fan CFM Testing



Halsey Enterprise is the first ceiling fan manufacture that has its own independent Ceiling Fan CFM Test Laboratory that are certified by UL. With recent software upgrade, we are now able to simulate the airflow of a ceiling fan based on its 3D design, and that allows us to make a rough estimate and judgment of whether this fan will pass DOE, ES and CEC qualification.

3D Scanning

Using 3D to scan curved surface


Due to limitation, it was not an easy task to measure a curved object. Halsey successfully solve this difficulty by using 3D reversed Scanning device that allows the software to detect if the design is qualified for development as a slight change on the blade’s curve can easily affect the airflow of a ceiling fan.

Sound Proof Test Room

Sound Proof Testing


During production phase, Halsey implanted sound proof test room which no other ceiling fan company has done so far. This room allows our staffs to be able quickly identify the problem if there’s any and then quick amends the problem in the shortest notice.