Stamping Process


Halsey’s R&D department staffs has an extensive knowledge when it comes to production process planning, tooling development, and etc… They can adapt according to all kinds of material usage.

ABS Injection Molding

ABS injection process


When it comes to ABS injection, a lot of factors such as quality of the mould, insertion point, ventilation points and etc… needs to be taken into consideration in order to produce the best quality product.

To enhance the tooling development and eliminating the risk of creating faulty tooling, Halsey has purchase Solidwork – ABS Fluid Analysis system to assists our developer in simulating and analyzing the tooling before it was made. This drastically reduce the chance of needing to perform tooling modifications.

Aluminum Die Casting

Die Casting Process


Die casting can be used in various ways as its integrity and changeability is high. This allows the aluminum to be applied in various kind of ceiling fans, and that it does not limits the developer to changes its design when they encounter restrain.
Aluminum and Zinc die casting are often used of ceiling fan parts.

Halsey will choose the material based on our client’s request, and come up with the best set up. This requires decades of experience to be able to make the right judgement in such short time frame. There is no doubt that Halsey is totally capable of completing every tasks requested by our client. Simply because we are just that good.